Jack Nicholson ‘Richest Oscar Winner’ At 76, Barbra Streisand Wealthiest Female Actress

Jack Nicholson has another award to add to his treasure chest, “Richest Oscar Winner”. The 76 year-old actor is worth a reported $390 million according to a study done recently by Wealth-X. Nicholson, who was reportedly considering retirement last year, has won three Oscars across the span of four decades. That places him tied for second all-time in the Academy for acting categories, alongside of Walter Brennan, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ingrid Bergman, and Meryl Streep.

For Jack Nicholson the richest Oscar winner honor makes a lot of sense. The talented leading man and avid Lakers fan has lived a full life. He has been honored with 12 Academy Award nominations spanning across five decades. That puts Nicholson in rarified air with Michael Caine, and Laurence Olivier. And those 12 nominations? Only Meryl Streep has more with 18.

Rounding out the top three for richest Oscar winners was Tom Hanks ($350 million) and Robert De Niro ($310 million). It is conceivable that Tom Hanks could overtake Jack Nicholson for richest Oscar winner honors, as Hanks is only 57 years-old and has a lot of acting left on his plate. Some feel that he should have even received a best actor nomination for his role in Captain Phillips, which is up for Best Picture.

Barbra Streisand, 71, is worth a reported $310 million, tied with Robert De Niro for third on the list. Streisand is an interesting addition on the list, coming in ahead of Sean Connery, George Clooney, Michael Douglas, Anthony Hopkins, Robin Williams, and Sandra Bullock. Streisand and Bullock are the only two women on the richest Oscar winners list, with Bullock also being the youngest at 49.

Jack Nicholson is tied with Anthony Hopkins at the age of 76 for second oldest richest Oscar winner. Sean Connery, 83, has the distinguished honor of being the oldest actor on the list. His only Oscar win came in 1988 for his role in The Untouchables. Barbra Streisand was honored as the Best Leading Actress for her 1969 part in Funny Girl. Streisand spends most of her time now being an advocate for human rights causes and working on her music.

Sandra Bullock has a real shot to shoot up the list in coming years, especially if she can add another Oscar to her collection. She could make as much as $70 million off her movie Gravity, based on its performance at the Academy Awards. She is also nominated for Best Actress. That would move her up several spaces on the list.

Jack Nicholson did not comment on his honor of richest Oscar winner, but surely he’ll be spending some of that money on Lakers tickets. Well, maybe he can find something better to do with his money.

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