Superman Logo Honoring Murdered Child Nixed By DC Entertainment

It was a tragedy felt across Toronto when 5-year-old Jeffrey Baldwin was killed by starvation by his grandparents in 2002, The Canadian Press reported, but the news agency reports that his story is getting even more attention now as the city's attempts to pay tribute to the murdered boy have been hampered by none other than DC Entertainment.

The Canadian Press reported that a statue to be erected in honor of Baldwin was to include a logo of his favorite comic book hero, Superman.

"[Todd] Boyce (who had raised money for the statue) wanted to see Jeffrey depicted in a Superman costume, harkening back to inquest testimony from Jeffrey's father.

"Before his teenage parents lost custody of Jeffrey to his maternal grandparents the little boy was very energetic and loved the superhero, Richard Baldwin testified.

"'He wanted to fly,' Baldwin said. 'He tried jumping off the chair. We had to make him stop. He dressed up (as Superman) for Halloween one year. He was so excited. I have that picture at home hanging on my wall. He was our little man of steel.'"

But the company that owns the rights to Superman, DC Entertainment, has said the Superman logo cannot appear on the statue honoring the young boy's life, the news organization reported.
"'It was important for me because I really felt I wanted to capture the photograph of Jeffrey wearing his Superman costume and have it as close to that as possible,' Boyce said.

"'Basically they didn't want to have the character of Superman associated with child abuse. They weren't comfortable with that.'"

A report by Fox News said the statue of the boy would feature a logo similar to that of the Superman logo but instead would be a large "J."

Fox also attempted to get DC Entertainment's side of the story.

"Messages seeking comment from DC Entertainment were not immediately returned Monday."
Fox News said the boy's grandparents, Norman Kidman and Elva Bottineau, were charged and eventually convicted of second degree murder.

While the child's starvation and eventual death may be unconscionable, it is far from the first time children have been starved by those whose responsibility it is to care for them.

The Inquisitr reported in June about two children who were starved by their adoptive parents and were described as looking like "concentration camp survivors" by authorities. The children in that case survived, though the parents were charged with felony child abuse.

What do you think about the use of the Superman logo for Jeffrey Baldwin's statue? Is DC Entertainment right to block the use of the Superman logo or should they allow its use to honor the 5-year-old victim?

[Image via The Canadian Press]