Rob Ford, Toronto's Drunk Mayor, Gets Into A Confrontation With A Topless Jogger

While out celebrating "Canada's Birthday," Rob Ford was given the gift of anger from a jogger who happened to be out for his morning run when he spotted the shamed mayor in his path and decided to ask him some questions regarding his latest tax break for Apollo Health and Beauty, a company that does business with Ford's family.

Joe Killoran, perhaps the "Joe the Plumber" of Canada, but really a 35-year-old high school teacher, was nervous about his confrontation with the Toronto Mayor, but felt that his questions needed to be answered by the man in charge he told The Star.

"I was a little unsure if it was a wise thing to do or not," but, "I'm glad that my questions got heard."
The video the Internet has dubbed, "The jogger vs the Mayor," has since gone viral, but Killoran said he is "OK" with his public vent, even if it has earned him the wrath of Councilor Doug Ford, the mayor's brother and campaign manager.

"No other politician has so disrespected the people of Toronto continuously, and I want that to stop."

Killoran said a day earlier he saw the mayor hold his post-rehab news conference where Ford apologized for his alcohol- and drug-fueled antics while in office.

Killoran grew angry when Ford turned around without answering any of his questions.

"Answer the questions," he yelled at Ford.

"I'm just out for a jog. This guy here? He's a joke. He's a liar. It's one thing to be sick, that's fine, but he has questions to answer to the people of Toronto and he simply won't do it. He's a racist; he's homophobic. It looks like he's corrupt," Killoran said to reporters standing on the parade's route.

Rob Ford only provided Joe a frozen smile in response to his venting.

Since the altercation, Doug Ford have gone on his own rant calling Killoran a "lunatic and a bad apple who needs anger management training, [and] a racist and a teacher [I] wouldn't let near [my] dog." When questions about the teacher's racist comments, the elder Ford suggested, "you can be racist against people that have a drinking problem."

In an interview with CBC the next day, Killoran criticized Ford's refusal to participate in gay Pride events in Toronto, although the Washington Post reported that Ford did attend an event in 2013, though he voted against funding it.

"I think it's demoralizing, depressing for citizens of this city that this sideshow continues," Killoran, a high school teacher, later told CBC. "He continues to inflict himself upon us.

[Photo Credit: The Star]