World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park: Action Park Reopens For Thrill Seekers After Almost 20 Years

Thrill seekers are in for an adventure as Action Park, the “world’s most dangerous amusement park” reopens its doors.

Action Park, located in Vernon, New Jersey, opened in 1978 and closed its doors in 1996 after a series of fatalities. The Telegraph reported that lawsuits were brought against the owners of the park after six deaths, resulting in the 35-acre resort’s closing.

The original Action Park had three main attractions — The Alpine Center, Waterworld, and Motorworld. Because of the accidents and deaths that occurred in the park, it was given names such as Accident Park, Class Action Park, and Traction Park.

One survivor recounts his experience on the Alpine Slide and said that it “was essentially a giant track to rip people’s skin off, disguised as a children’s ride.”

Another visitor said, “I was there three times when I was 9 or 10 — twice I left in an ambulance.”

Those who visited Action Park in the past described it as a lawless Neverland where the park’s staff never stopped or yelled at anyone.

Now, Action Park is back again, thanks to a 2013 viral video called “The Most Insane Amusement Park Ever.” The owners of Action Park were inspired to bring back the resort to give more thrills to visitors. They realized that people still remember the happiness that the park gave them as kids, and not only that, they miss it.

Action Park New Slide

The new Action Park features some of the past’s daring old attractions and a new Zero G water slide. Action Park also added some modifications and safety features to the rides to appease safety authorities. Reports indicate that the park now has more attentive lifeguards who are ready with their whistles in case visitors break the park’s rules.


Park president Bill Benneyan said, “In three decades, the industry is different, the regulations are different, the safety training is different.” However, the park still features some of its 70’s charm with “I Survived Action Park” shirts and alcohol for sale.

Resort owner and son of the park’s founder Andy Mulvihill said in an interview with New York Post, “I don’t get approached by people telling me what a terrible place it was. The strength of that passion far outweighed the negative things.”

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker took to Twitter to express his feelings about the reopening of Action Park. He said that he still has scars from his visit to the park back in the day, but also said, “I so want to go again.”

Old fans and those who are seeking an adventure can now enjoy Action Park for the summer. “We’re back, we’re in control, and we are gonna make this place real fun again,” Mulvihill said.

[Images via Action Park / News Plus Notes]