Sarah Palin Calendar 2009: An Amazon Best-Seller

Missing your daily dose of Sarah Palin? Fear not — an Alaskan photographer from Palin’s town of Wasilla has created a Sarah Palin calendar for 2009. It’s already topping online sales charts, too.


About the Sarah Palin Calendar 2009

The Sarah Palin calendar, created by Judy Patrick Photography, features more than 50 photos of the Palin family, its Web site boasts. Many of them are described as “never before seen” images (insert “oohs” and “ahhs” here).

The 9 inch by 12 inch calendar is selling for $15.95 and is available through Amazon and AtlasBooks. As of this posting, the calendar is the #1 best-seller in Amazon’s “Office Products” category. (The #2 best-seller, in case you were wondering, is a pair of scissors.)


Early reviewers say the calendar looks promising at a glance, but once you get to really know it, you realize it was definitely the wrong choice.