Craigslist Shakes And Restores Faith In Humanity With These Two Recent Incidents

Craigslist is a very interesting place that been assisting people in conducting all sorts of business, but lately it has created a bad name for itself. One such incident that will make people even more wary of the portal happened at Moorestown Mall in New Jersey.

A man who was about to buy an iPhone 5C was accosted with a knife. He was held-up at knife-point by none other than the seller who had advertised the merchandise on Craiglist, reported NJ. The seller threatened 43-year-old Gibbsboro resident at knife-point, but the would-be-buyer refused to part with his money, causing the seller to panic and flee. The buyer had arranged to meet someone offering a new IPhone 5C for $275, via a typical Craigslist ad, Moorestown police said.

The pre-arranged time was late evening, and when the buyer reached the spot at 8:15 pm, the seller was waiting for him, but instead of showing the phone as advertised on Craigslist, he threatened the middle-aged man with a knife. Interestingly, the buyer stood his ground and the seller fled.

While this incident, like many others, will cause people to shy away from Craigslist, recently a man was reunited with his stolen bike that had a lot of sentimental value attached to it, reported My Fox Phoenix. Carelessly keeping his garage door open, Jesse Bates lost his beloved decades-old Suteki bike that he and his friend had restored.

Jesse Bates Was Reunited With His Stolen Bike Via Craigslist

Soon after, Jesse made an emotional plea on Facebook, detailing the incident and requesting the robber to return the bike,


“So this is me, random guy who was stupid enough to think leaving his garage door open in my neighborhood wouldn’t lead to random things going missing. Shame on me, you got me. Please give me my bike back, it means a lot more to me than it could ever mean to you,”. Interestingly, the plea trickled down on Craigslist.

The message clicked and a complete stranger texted Jesse that a bike which perfectly fit the description was advertised on Craigslist. Eventually, Jesse was able to get the bike back from a man who claimed to be a bike reseller. He had posted an ad trying to sell the bike, but when he heard Jesse’s story, the seller instead of asking for money, gave it back for free.

While this may sound great, what’s even more amazing is the fact that all this happened within the span of a single day. Jesse got the bike back the same day it was stolen, thanks to the ads on Craigslist.

[Image Credit | Zeke Michael, My Fox Phoenix]