Woman Jumps Barrier To Feed Cookies To Lions At Zoo And Gets In Big Trouble (Video)

What the heck? A woman wearing brown scrubs went to the Memphis Zoo to feed the lions cookies. Sounds like a crazy dream after a night of bad pizza.

One zoo employee says that the woman showed up last week and was caught throwing objects into the lion’s cage and was asked to leave. But that didn’t stop her from coming back Monday, bringing a loot of cookies with her.

Zoo patrons watched, with mouths wide open no doubt, as the woman walked up to the lion exhibit and actually climbed over the barrier. Wait, it gets even more interesting. As the woman stood there with only a wire fence between her and the king of the jungle, she began singing to them. That may have been enough to send the lions into attack mode.

A witness said she began singing a made-up song about how she had missed the lions. They may have missed lunch and been equally as happy to see her.

As she continued to sing, she pulled out her cookies and began trying to feed them to the lions. Zoo patrons were already on their cell phones calling the number listed on the sign posted at the exhibit for security.

It wasn’t long before she was hauled off the premises and much to her disappointment, she can never return. Guess she will really be missing those lions now. One question that we would all love answered is what kind of cookies did she think the lions would like? Oh, no, one more question, “What the heck were you thinking?!”

Photo Credit: TodayIFoundOut.com

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