TNA News: The Six-Sided Ring Is Permanently Returning

Dixie Carter and the rest of TNA decided to let the fans vote if the six-sided ring would return and replace the common four-sided ring. Joe Burgett talked about giving the spectators a bigger role than ever before in professional wrestling. The results are in and it wasn’t what I was expecting, nor the talent TNA has.

Fans voted and the TNA Board of Directors listened! Beginning this week at our New York tapings, the 6-sided ring returns to IMPACT Wrestling! –

Needless to say, shock played a huge part in the decision done by TNA. When ratings are always low, a spark is necessary to shake things up. TNA went with an odd decision that could play a part in the wrestler’s safety down the road. For instance, TNA superstar Austin Aries took to Twitter before the results were in and put on a display of grief and frustration with the decision.

An agreement with Aries is in order on this situation. Letting people who don’t wrestle decide the fate of folks who do wrestle is immature and asinine. That would be the equivalent of Major League Baseball letting the fans vote if the mound should be higher or not.

It just doesn’t make sense. reported the story this morning that the six-sided ring is returning to TNA. Officials must have come to an agreement on the decision, changing the future of TNA wrestling.

TNA began with a six-sided ring when they debuted in 2004. Jeff Jarrett, presumably so, wanted to be different that the competitor. World Wrestling Entertainment will never even consider changing the ring size. So, Jarrett found something that made him ultimately diverse.

Then in 2010, TNA changed their minds and switched to a natural four-sided ring. Following the change altered the X-Division and nearly every match from there on out. Personally, I didn’t expect the change to be that daunting. However, everyone can be wrong and I was that day.

What TNA just did became the ultimate form of flattery to the TNA Universe. They let the audience become a part of the show. When a viewer looks at the hexagon, an immediate sense of oneness will be connected with the television and TNA wrestling especially.

Burgett was right when he said that running the ropes is different while using six sides and TNA not being in the best of positions is an easy factor in the ultimate decision.

If the ratings go up, then Carter made the right decision for TNA. If they continue their gradual slope to nothingness, maybe the fans could vote for a new ramp as well that curves and dips down. It wouldn’t be the first odd decision TNA made.

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