A ‘True Blood’ Musical To Close Out The HBO Series?

Are we about to witness a True Blood musical? If going by reports the answer might be a big fat yes. Vampires singing about lost love and fate may be what’s in store after the HBO series True Blood takes its final bow.

Just as the season is looking to wrap up its final season, TV Guide is reporting that True Blood might live on in the form of a musical. This isn’t a last ditch effort to save interest in the show either. According to composer Nathan Barr this was something that was on the table for some time. Barr told The Associated Press, “This was something that I pitched to HBO and [creator] Alan Ball.”

Before fans expect the show’s heartthrob Eric Northman to sing, don’t get your hopes up too high because this True Blood musical will be based on Sookie Stackhouse. If the True Blood musical ever hits the stage it will be based on the more critically acclaimed earlier seasons, as opposed to the sloppy story lines that the show has riddled itself with over the last few seasons.

Barr gave some insight to his ideas about the True Blood musical and it seems like it’s going back to the HBO show’s origins.

“I think we’re really going to try to return to the roots of the show.”

We probably wouldn’t even be talking about a True Blood musical if NBC’s live televised musical The Sound of Music didn’t pull off astonishing ratings last holiday season. In fact Stephen Moyer, who played Captain Von Trapp in the musical and Bill Compton in the HBO series, has already lent his hand to the True Blood musical.

Of the experience of hitting the stage Moyer told Entertainment Weekly, “I got into this business because I loved theater. It was all I ever wanted to do and this is a great kind amalgam of what I am now and what I used to be.”

According to Barr, Moyer was very influential and helped put together some samples of music to present to HBO. If everything gels well together, Barr has high hopes of presenting the musical at a workshop within the year. As far as his faith in the True Blood musical he’s already referring to it as “Broadway Bound” even though it’s in very preliminary stages.

Although he’s obviously excited about the opportunity to bring forth a musical to fans he does have somewhat of a realistic perspective.

“There’s no guarantees, but I think the direction we’re heading in is really exciting.”

[Image via HBO]

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