Noel Estevez: Bullied 14-Year-Old Stabs Tormentor To Death, Charged With Murder

Noel Estevez was bullied by 8th grade classmate Timothy Crump for months, and on Wednesday the boy reportedly snapped and stabbed his tormentor to death during a fight.

The 14-year-old Crump was fatally stabbed Wednesday outside a school in the Bronx.

Police said they are still trying to gather details about the stabbing, but witnesses say a fight between the boys just outside the school doors spiraled out of control.

“I just seen two people, they were just fighting,” one student told CBS New York. “There was two people fighting and one just pulled out a knife and stabbed him. He stopped, and he went back, and he just dropped to the floor and started bleeding. And then the security guard and all of them just came and tried to help him, and they brought the boy with the knife into the school.”

Witnesses tried to help Timothy Crump, who was bleeding profusely.

“The security put his gloves on and he started to help him. And then a teacher went to her car, and she got a towel so they could stop the bleeding,” said witness Jaylene Then.

Crump was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was declared dead. Police say they recovered the kitchen knife used in the stabbing.

Noel Estevez is now under arrest, charged as an adult with second-degree murder and manslaughter.

Friends and neighbors of the suspect paint a different story than the police. They say Noel was bullied by Timothy Crump and that Noel was only defending himself against Crump’s attack on Wednesday.

“It was for self-defense!” said family friend Marisol Perez. “It was self-defense what he did!”

Others say Crump was part of a group that bullied Noel Estevez so relentlessly that the eighth grader even tried suicide, causing him to miss several months of school. His first day back was Tuesday.

Lazaro Batista, who lives in the same building as Estevez, recalled that the boy was desperate to stop the bullying.

“Every day, he would come to me and tell me, ‘Blue, listen, can you walk with me to the store? Can I come outside and play in the yard with your kids? Can you watch me? Can you make sure, if you see any big kids come after me, can you help me?’ ” Batista told WCBS 880.

Others reported that the same boys bullying Noel Estevez had come to the boy’s building, threatening him and warning the boy not to come outside. The parents of reported bully Timothy Crump are also calling out school administrators for not stepping in to defuse the situation.