Should LeBron Go? It Depends On What The Miami Heat Does Next

LeBron James has the ability to opt out of the final two years of his contract, and the internet sports community is sharply divided over whether or not he should do that. Most sources are quick to note that the Heat needs to retool its roster and that a commitment from the management to do so would be game-changing. Speculation is still running rampant though, both about whether it will happen and about where LeBron James should go if he does leave the Miami Heat.

This was a serious question before the Heat’s lopsided loss to the Spurs in the finals, and it’s been gaining traction since then. (See The Inquisitr’s coverage of the hilarious animated recap of that loss here.) After a defeat like that, it’s only fair for LeBron James and the rest of the Big 3 to ask themselves: Should I stay or should I go?

There’s a USA Today article weighing in on the viability of some of James’ top choices, and their conclusions pretty much reflect the common wisdom. The conclusion is that LeBron James staying with the Heat will only work if Miami’s management does “something” during the offseason. The only other option that’s treated as viable is the Chicago Bulls, though, and it is noted that they are looking seriously at Carmelo Anthony right now.

What if LeBron’s only options are bad ones? Should he try to compete with Anthony for the Bulls’ affections? has more a detailed (and less decisive) analysis, including a list of factors that should be considered by LeBron and his teammates. It all comes down to one idea, though:

The Miami Heat needs to spend money on new talent. If it does not do this, then the status quo remains, and there’s no reason to expect that next season will go any differently for LeBron James or his teammates. Sports Illustrated published what is perhaps the strongest argument for LeBron staying with the Heat, and even in that, there is a lengthy discussion about why the Heat needs help.

Until that is answered, James’ future remains uncertain, as does the future of the rest of Miami’s Big 3.

LeBron James acknowledged this in his exit interview, while maintaining that it was a decision he has not yet made. James did state that he would be having a lengthy conversation with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh prior to any announcements. Watch the whole thing: