The Spurs-Heat Finals Just Got the Taiwanese Animation News Treatment, And It’s Hilarious

The NBA Finals may be over, but the prime time for talking about the NBA Finals has just begun, and Taiwan’s Tomo Animation has the best take so far on the Spurs’ thumping of the defending champion Heat.

Tomo’s treatment of the Finals is in no way subtle, with its headline reading “NBA Finals 2014: Spurs obliterate the Heat behind MVP Kawhi Leonard.” The title, though, doesn’t quite do the content justice. It starts by saying that Lebron James and Kevin Durant have something in common – getting whooped by the Spurs in the playoffs – and doesn’t let up from there.

Tomo’s take on the NBA’s defeated champions is a bit harsher, though, noting that the Heat got “completely destroyed” in the Finals.

The clip leaves no one spared from there, either, with both Lebron and Durant getting bowled over by NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, who came virtually out of nowhere to dominate a Finals series that some saw the Heat taking in five or six games. Meanwhile, an ancient Tim Duncan watches from the comfort of his Rascal scooter.

The animation even touches on the infamous air conditioner malfunction from Game 1 of the Finals, which first saw Lebron James having to leave early due to an intense bout of cramps, and later saw NBA fandom showing its juvenile side by making fun of a world-class athlete who happens to possess a fallible human body.

As for the non-humans on the Heat roster, they get their due as well. Hyper-intelligent velociraptor Chris Bosh gets skewered, with the clip showing him unable to cope with the temperature and continually throwing up bricks.

In fact, everyone is throwing up bricks. No-Show Dwyane Wade, Jesus Shuttlesworth Allen: brick and brick and brick. Big Bird-Man Chris Anderson, however, seems content in the vid to spend his Finals sitting on the bench, pondering which letter of the alphabet sponsored this Finals series: “L” for “lose,” or “C” for “choke.”

And then there is the issue of Manu Ginobili’s nose. The less said, the better.

What else is there? There’s the… well… literal depiction of a colorful euphemism for what Tiago Splitter did to Dwyane Wade on Sunday night. There’s some speculation on Lebron dipping out to Cleveland to join up with Carmelo Anthony. Plus, there’s a shot of a beer-soaked Johnny Manziel, natch. But, perhaps, nothing tops one of the final images: that of Leonard hoisting the NBA Finals trophy above his head while fat Texans cheer him on and shoot guns. Am’ur’kah.

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