#LeBroning Is On Fire On Social Media After Game 1 Theatrics

In Game 1 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James found himself being carried off the court wincing in pain over cramps which has led to the newest internet meme sensation #LeBroning. Seems that NBA fans are having a great time recreating the act of being carried off in pain in their own living rooms. A faulty air conditioning system created a 100 degree environment on the court according to commentators, which led to LeBron having cramping issues.

Don’t worry Heat fans, LeBron should be back for Game 2 and the air conditioning should be in good working order.

Check out some of our favorite #LeBroning memes from Twitter.

While the air conditioning being out of order is a hassle for both teams and the fans, and even spectators at home who are not getting the best game to watch, nothing has been said about the San Antonio Spurs being ill prepared to showcase their stadium and team on the NBA’s biggest stage.

Alright, more memes!

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