You’ve Never Heard A Street Musician Like Mariusz Goli — Now That’s How You Play The Guitar

Mariusz Goli is about to change everything you believe about guys who play guitar on the street. Because, look, if you live in a big city — especially one with a subway system — or you’ve ever visited one, you’ve definitely run across quite a few street musicians. And let’s face it, most of them — bless their hearts — are more annoying than talented.

Much of the time, you just want to carry on a conversation or read a book, only to have your ears blasted out by someone screeching out “Yesterday” or “Send In The Clowns” on a saxophone.

But every now and then you’ll run across a street musician who’s genuinely got something. That’s when you stop and listen, and probably even leave him or her a couple of bucks. But you’ve never heard anyone like Mariusz Goli.

And you never would, unless you happen to live in Poland — until now, thanks to the modern miracle of YouTube and viral video.

Poland is where Goli was born and raised, and he performs all over the country. Goli often plays recitals in major concert halls, and when you play this video, you’ll understand why. But Goli says he simply prefers to perform on the street.

Let’s let him explain, from the biography on his personal site:

“Mariusz Goli the guitarist, busker born in Poznan, Poland. This street artist can be seen performing in Katowice as well in other Polish cities.

“He has been playing guitar since fifteen years old, however his future was bound to this instrument seven years ago. Busking is his way of life.

“Street concerts give Mariusz the biggest satisfaction, he loves direct contact with his public. His music can be heard as well in clubs, pubs and restaurants.

“Mariusz’s music is very spontaneous, he loves to improvise. In his creations he tries to cover elements of flamenco as well as all sorts of folk music. He’s still looking for his own style, trying to discover new techniques.”

Spend some time with Mariusz Goli in this video, filmed by photographer Jukka Male — which has been viewed more than 5 million times since appearing on Goli’s YouTube Channel in February. What’s even more amazing than his fast fingers and flawless sense of melody is the fact that this piece is improvised. Mariusz Goli is making up the melody as he goes along. If you appreciate music, you’re in for a treat.

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