Google+ Loses 3% Of Their Traffic In Just Seven Days

The honeymoon stage for some users on Google+ appears to be coming to an end, the company’s new social network has watched as user usage declined by 3% to 1.79 million visits last week.

Time spent on the site also dropped by 10% from to 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

The site is still in limited beta testing and it should be noted that Experian Hitwise which recorded the sites numbers drop does not include international or mobile web traffic which could be adding to the sites overall visit use numbers.

Google+ debuted June 28 and quickly racked up 20 million users in a three week time period and now TechCrunch writer MG Siegler writes:

“There was a sense of excitement: Could this really be the next big social network?” while adding, “after initially checking it several times a day, I now load Google+ about twice a day, mainly to see if I’m missing anything. I rarely find that I am. I +1 a few things here and there, maybe leave a comment. But overall, the content feels fairly stale. The new car smell is wearing off. And it’s time for reality.” And that reality? “User retention is a bitch.”

It appears that Siegler’s sentiment is shared by many Google+ users, myself included.

Have you been using Google+ less than you did just several weeks prior?

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