Birth Mother Writes Beautiful Birthday Letter To Baby She Gave Up For Adoption 22 Years Ago; Post Goes Viral

Just over 22 years ago, Vickie Wieberg gave up her newborn baby for adoption, but she has never forgotten her. June 3 was her daughter's birthday, and she wrote a message, from her heart, to the child she has never seen since, never intending to actually post it. But something inside told her to hit the "send" button on Facebook. Now that letter has gone viral.

The Inquisitr spoke with Vickie, who tells us that she is blown away by the overwhelming response to that message, a message that is touching many hearts.

She has heard from adoptive children, adoptive parents, and from other birth mothers, who tell her that her letter resonates and is inspiring them on their own journey.

One birth mother writes that she could relate to the words of the letter on many levels.

An adoptee says that she wishes that she would get a letter like this from her birth mother, while another sent this heart-breaking note to Vickie:

"That's amazing. I really wish my birth mother felt that way after I met her."
Vickie tells us that she is seeing people unite behind her and support her in an incredible way. She says, "Never underestimate the power of women." She believes that people are truly good, but that sometimes they just don't know what to do.

Her letter is written from the heart, complete with all the raw emotion, "mistakes and all." Wieberg says that she poured out her soul as she wrote, never planning to send it anywhere, just writing how she felt. But then something inside, that maternal instinct, that still, small voice, said, "it's time." And she hit "send," never looking back. Here is that letter:

"22 years ago today, 2 babies had a baby & she changed their lives forever.At 16 & 17 they had no idea the impact on their lives & the lives of their families, this miracle would have on them.As they made the brave decision to give this beautiful creature a better chance at life, it broke their hearts but they did what they knew was right.I remember as that 16 year old, thinking that the thought of seeing her again one day, would be FOREVER away & I remember my Dad telling me, it will go by like the blink of an eye.Today, 22 years later, I can say, IT DID! I can say that pretty much everything I have became was because I loved you. Every choice I made since then ALWAYS had you involved. I wanted to make YOU proud. I wanted to be somebody that YOU would want to meet someday. I wanted you to see that I didn't just waste my life or have kids close to your age b/ c I never wanted you to ask - if you were just gonna have more kids, why did you give me up? - I wanted to make SURE that you knew WHY we did what we did.I think you would love to know that you have YOUNG siblings. 3 brothers & a sister.I want you to know that your brother Brett, ALWAYS includes you in his family pictures in kindergarten - so much that I've had to explain to Hus teacher, WHO Ashley was.Funny to me as your birthdays have gone by how for so many years, your Dad and I would always celebrate your birthdays doing fun things to celebrate, not mourn and now I am celebrating your birthday with your brother who is so excited that today is your birthday that were going to Central Dairy to eat ice cream for you.Its funny how now, I look to a time of my phone ringing & hearing your voice. I look forward to a time when your father, myself & our spouses - along with your siblings can meet you as we both have loving spouses that are just as excited as we are to welcome you with open arms.I look at this picture & I remember the words to the song that your Dad dedicated to you - " And now, I'm glad I didn't know the way it all would end, the way it all would go, our lives are better left to chance, I coulda missed the pain, but I'd a had to miss the dance!"I pray for you every single night. A day does not go by that I dont think of you.9 months ago it was like de ja vu when after 21 years a baby girl was again placed in my arms. I enjoy the thought of knowing that my two baby girls are 21 years apart. I just find that fascinating!It would be so neat if somehow TODAY, on your BIRTHDAY, this " letter" found its way to you."As far as I was told, your name is Mary & you lived in Kansas City, Mo. Your father a Dr. and you were adopted through Catholic Charities. What's meant to be, will be. Just know that you are loved and always were. We loved you so much that we allowed our hearts to break to give you the life you deserved. You were and always will be loved by all who were a part of who you are today!I can't wait to meet you! Happy 22nd birthday to my first born baby girl!

God bless you always, love, Mom"

Vickie reports that her father has always believed that they will see this baby again someday. That is Vickie's prayer as well. She is hopeful that somehow her message will reach her daughter that she loves so much, especially since so many people are sharing her story.

Some people have commented how beautiful it is that young parents thought more about the needs of their baby than their own. Others have said that the Facebook post has inspired them to search for their own child or parents. This is what another person had to say:

Response To Birth Mother And Adoption

One gentleman offered this prayer on the Facebook post: "God, please grant this woman the chance to re-meet her first born child with your blessings and your love. May they finally find the relationship they never had the chance to have. In your glorious name. Amen."

The power of the internet to reunite adoptive children with birth parents is a unique phenomenon to this generation. Memes regularly surface of adult children seeking their birth mothers, and vice versa. The Inquisitr reported recently on the beautiful reunion story of Carrie Leach, who was put up for adoption 22 years ago, but found her birth mother after posting on Facebook.

Vickie Wieberg says that she always intended to wait until her daughter came looking for her, out of respect for her, because she never wants to be a source of disruption in her child's life. But now she is past the point of no return.

She is hopeful that her birthday letter will reach her daughter and that she as the birth mother will one day be reunited with the child she gave up for adoption so long ago in hopes that she would find a better life. Vickie writes, "we THANK everyone for all of their help, prayers & support!"

[images from Vickie Wieberg]