George H. W. Bush Skydives At 90! Happy 90th Birthday! (Video)

George H.W. Bush woke up this morning on his milestone 90th birthday and at 816 am tweeted, “It’s a wonderful day in Maine — in fact, nice enough for a parachute jump.” One would think it is amazing in and of itself that a 90-year-old would be hip enough to tweet. But George H.W. Bush has never been one to be stagnant. Regardless of the fact that Bush has lost the use of his legs and is bound to a wheelchair, Bush is not letting that hinder him from doing what he enjoys.

Today, George H.W. Bush will jump out of a helicopter at 10,000 feet with retired members of the Army’s Golden Knights per The weather is perfect and excitement is in the air.

This is not the first time that Bush has skydived. The very first time was in 1944 when Bush was a 20-year-old fighter pilot during World War II per When Bush’s plane was shot down over the Pacific, he had no choice but to jump. Bush recalls that day, “I did it wrong,” he said. He explains how he pulled the ripcord too early and suffered minor injuries when his head hit the tail of the plane.

Once Bush was safe and sound after that scary jump, he told himself he wanted to jump again, and get it right the next time. Bush survived, which in most opinions would be considered “getting it right.” The two other men on the plane with him that day did not survive, according to

George H.W. Bush skydived on his 75th birthday, as well as on his 80th and 85th. Bush was quick to say on his 85th birthday that he would take one more jump. And that would be to mark George Bush’s 90th birthday, June 12, 2014. And that is exactly what former President Bush is doing today.

As George Bush reflects over his life on this milestone 90th birthday, he tells, “Well, I’m sure I could have done a lot of things better, but it’s been a fulfilling time in my life, and a lot of experiences including being president of the United States,” Bush said. “Not too shabby. It was an interesting time, and I enjoyed it all, enjoyed life and all,” Bush proudly remarks. Maybe Bush could consider one more jump at age 100! Happy Birthday George H.W. Bush!

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