Cop Assaults Father After Finding Him In Bed With Wife

A four year suspension was handed down on Wednesday to Utah sheriff’s deputy Timothy John “TJ” Brewer after he assaulted his own father, pistol whipping the man after finding him having sex with his wife.

Later the same day, Brewer also assaulted a fellow police officer who attempted to stop him from going to the hospital where his father was being treated for knife wounds, self-inflicted following the assault. As a Grand County Sheriff’s Deputy at the time of the assault, Brewer had to face the Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Council in order to determine if he could keep his badge. The council voted to allow Brewer to keep his law enforcement certification by a single vote, yet it also voted to suspend him from the force for four years due to his actions. If Brewer wants to wear his badge again following the suspension, he will have to go back through the Police Academy.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that his actions at the house that day were justified. I believe that practically anybody would have done similarly at the house,” Summit County Sheriff Dave Edmunds, a member of the Council, said after the judgement was handed down, adding “Where Mr. Brewer loses me is when he goes back to the hospital.”

Brewer's wife fled to her parent's house
Brewer reportedly found his wife “on top of” his father

The disciplinary action stems from an incident that transpired July 11th of last year, when Brewer invited his father, Wesley “Corky” Brewer, over for dinner, MailOnline reports. While Brewer was cooking dinner for his wife and father, she went upstairs to put one of the couple’s children to bed, and after she did not return, Brewer went to check on her. Entering his son’s bedroom, Brewer allegedly found his wife, Logan, “on top of” his father on their son’s bed. While his wife fled to her parent’s house, Brewer assaulted his father, reportedly pistol-whipping the older man.

After returning home “to find a firearm” following the assault, Brewer’s father was stopped by his wife, Cindy, who attempted to hide the man’s gun in their car. At that point, the older man grabbed a butcher knife and inflicted two stab wounds on himself, puncturing a lung and damaging his liver.

A still-distraught and intoxicated TJ Brewer confronted other officers later that day when they tried to stop him from entering the Colorado hospital where his father had been flown for treatment. Shirtless and shoeless, he was initially confronted in the hospital parking lot by his uncle, Curt Brewer, who is also a sheriff’s deputy.

TJ Brewer was arrested for a variety of charges
TJ Brewer was arrested for a variety of charges, including assault and attempted homicide

Brewer, who was reportedly belligerent with officers at the scene, stated several times that he was there to kill his father, asking for a gun to “finish the job.” After assaulting one of the police officers, Brewer was arrested and charged with a variety of infractions, including intoxication, attempted homicide, aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, assault on a police officer, as well as domestic violence charges. Brewer eventually pleaded guilty to reduced charges of assault and assault against a police officer, The Salt lake Tribune reports, receiving probation in the criminal case.

Sadly, Brewer isn’t the only person in the news for assaulting his father recently. As The Inquisitr reported, 16 year old Vincent Parker murdered his parents for disciplining him just last month. Brewer has resigned as a sheriff’s deputy, and his father, a fire department chief, also resigned following the assault.

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