Payback Time! Motorist Gets Epic Dose Of Revenge On Biker Bullies [Video]

If you enjoy the recent genre of "instant karma" videos or if you just like to see epic payback delivered on obnoxious jerks who deserve it, this video of bikers attempting to terrorize the driver of a small car is definitely for you.

The proliferation of this type of video is made possible by the new prevalence of dashboard cameras — or in this case, motorcycle helmet cameras — often installed to collect evidence in support of insurance claims and to protect drivers from insurance fraud. But what they are becoming famous for is a seemingly endless series of videos that document the insane and dangerous driving habits of motorists the world over — particularly in Russia and Eastern Europe, for reasons better left to cultural anthropologists to figure out.

This video appears to have been shot somewhere in Eastern Europe in August of last year. The clip begins with two motorcycle riders harassing the driver a small, white car. Finally, one of the bikers forces the car to stop, then gets off his bike and tries to force the driver to open his window.

Needless to say, the driver is not too keen on letting that happen. He struggles with the helmeted biker, whose first-person helmet cam is recording the entire incident.

And then, the driver speeds off. We think he's trying to get away from the obnoxious bikers — but not so fast.

The stunt he pulls next is likely to make the bikers think twice before they go picking on defenseless drivers again.

Of course, we don't have the full context of this video as we so rarely do for these YouTube uploads. But that doesn't mean we can't take some level of satisfaction in what appears to be a gutsy, though maybe unwise, payback delivered by the driver. The real question is since it is the biker who's getting punked here, how did his own helmet-cam video end up on the internet, just posted on Tuesday?