Impatient Driver Doesn’t Have To Wait Long For Instant Karma In This Dramatic Video

Anyone who’s ever driven a car, or ridden in one for that matter, has seen them. They’re the incredibly impatient drivers who, for whatever reason, feel the need to pass you and weave in and out of lanes, all in the effort to get to that next red light a couple of seconds faster than you.

There’s something about getting behind the wheel of a car that turns ordinary, decent people into raving lunatics with no regard for their own lives or, more importantly, the lives of others who don’t want to play their high-risk road games. And while it’s true that the number of traffic deaths in the United States is dropping to new lows, don’t for one minute believe that with nearly 30,000 fatalities per year that driving is a safe way to get around.

Not with jerks like the guy in this video on the road.

But in this video, recorded apparently on May 8, at least the impatient driver gets some payback for putting the life and safety of other drivers on the road at risk. Watch what happens when he — or is it a she? — tries to pass another car on a two lane highway, just to get an edge of a few seconds over the other drivers, who appear to be traveling at perfectly reasonable rates of speed.

Be warned, the driver of the car whose dashboard camera filmed this incident employs some profanity. Who wouldn’t in this situation? But if you’re easily offended by a couple of four-letter words, don’t bother watching this video.

On the other hand, if you, like so many of us, are frustrated and fed up with every impatient driver who seems the believe that his right to get home a few minutes faster takes precedence over your right to stay alive, then by all means, watch this video — then pass it along to any impatient driver you might happen to know.

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