Jim Harbaugh Plagued With Epidemic: Wife Begs ‘Stop Dad Pants!’ (Video)

There is a widespread epidemic that Jim Harbaugh’s wife is pleading to stop. The 49ers coach, Jim Harbaugh, has been plagued with this disorder, along with a majority of dads across the country. What is this pathosis? It is the Dad Pants syndrome!

Sarah Harbaugh describes this serious condition as a “shapeless, pleated tragedy that too many men find themselves in,” as shown in the ad on 49ers.com. The dramatic music in the background, and the seriousness in her demeanor, makes the ad even more hysterical. Wives everywhere know what Sarah Harbaugh is talking about.

Jim Harbaugh shows he is a good sport on and off the football field in the latest Dockers’ ad, where his wife says her good-looking husband looked as though he had hung the curtains from his belt. Ouch!

This campaign started after Jim Harbaugh was blind sided by the news that “leaked out” that he bought his pleated khaki pants from Walmart for the drop kick price of $8 per pair, per Seattlepi.com.

The public ridicule was relentless, and Sarah Harbaugh was sucked right into the frenzy. Sarah said she took no responsibility for Harbaugh’s wardrobe. Sarah blurted out on a radio show that she has begged him to get rid of the pleated pants. Pleats are out!

Sarah Harbaugh continued her witty rant stating, “And he (Jim) pulls them up to the middle of his stomach, and I’m like, this is not a good look. You’re aging yourself 50 years; you look like Rain Man.” Well, enough said. No one wants to look like Rain Man. No offense, Dustin (Hoffman).

It appears that Jim Harbaugh got the message. And now Jim and Sarah Harbaugh have teamed up with Dockers in the “Stop Dad Pants” campaign. Sarah now proudly and gladly announces, “Since Jim started wearing Dockers, he’s a whole new man.” Well done, Jim Harbaugh.

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