Jim Harbaugh: Super Bowl 2014 Salary Bump Will Keep 49ers Coach From Texas Job

For Jim Harbaugh, Super bowl 2014 is a good enough reason for the San Francisco 49ers coach to turn down any potential University of Texas job offer.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jim Harbaugh once said NFL read-option rules are “flawed and biased.” But San Francisco 49ers fans will probably be interested to know their new stadium will start off with a soccer match.

Apparently, coach Jim Harbaugh wants to make money… lots of money. He also wants to be the highest paid NFL coach. Period. And that’s where the 49ers management and Harbaugh don’t see eye to eye. He already makes a $5 million salary but he allegedly wants to be paid top dollar and that means somewhere in the ballpark (Levi stadium?) of $8 million.

So Jim Harbaugh’s contract extension beyond 2015 became the central point of discussion. The 49ers floated several idea that would have significantly increased his salary but in the end Harbaugh’s agent told the team he wanted to be the NFL’s top paid coach.

This led to some speculation that the University of Texas might consider Jim Harbaugh or Mike Tomlin to replace Mack Brown after the end of the season. And the job offer would come with a very pretty $10 million salary. A quick check shows that Mack Brown’s salary in recent years would actually mean Texas would be saving money, amazing as that may sound. While Harbaugh hasn’t commented on this speculation sources close to Tomlin have already rejected the rumors as “absurd.”

And this is where Super Bowl 48 comes into play (and, no, the Super Bowl ticket prices didn’t skyrocket just to help pay for Harbaugh’s salary). And even 49ers CEO Jed York says it’s possible Haugher’s salary may be due for a bump if the team wins the Super Bowl in 2014:

“The only thing I’ll say is he’s in the third year of a five-year contract, and I love the job that he’s doing. But now is not the right time to talk about anything like that. We’ve got three games left in the regular season and a potential playoff berth, and that’s what everybody here’s focused on. We’ll sit down at the end of the season and talk about all this — and I hope he has the utmost leverage when we do that… meaning after we win a Super Bowl.”

Do you think the 49ers’ Jim Harbaugh is worth a $8 to $10 million salary?

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