Super Bowl Floating Hotel: New Norwegian Getaway Cruise Ship Appeals To The Frat Crowd

The “Super Bowl floating hotel” is how the Norwegian Cruise Lines’ new cruise ship is being advertised to cater to the Bud Light crowd.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, you’d better save up for the Super Bowl, because prices are set to double next year.

Bud Light and the Super Bowl go hand in hand, so now they might also go fan to…ship cabin? Bud Light usually spends millions of dollars to be involved with the Super Bowl, and now they are going to new heights with their project to create a Super Bowl floating hotel.

The Norwegian Getaway will dock in the Husdon River, offering cabins to 4,000 guests. The ship will boast 1,900 staterooms, and of course, the Bud Light label on pillows, towels and shampoo bottles. You know, for that really immersive Bud Light hotel experience. Bud Light will also no doubt be served at all of the ship’s 20 restaurants and bars!

Unfortunately, this experience is apparently not open to the general public (for now), but is rather exclusively available to sponsors, partners and VIP Guests of Bud Light, which probably mostly means their retailers. Tickets will also be available to win, because we know no one has more luck than people who drink Bud Light.

Construction is not yet complete and the ship is still in Germany, the home of beer. Prior to being a Super Bowl floating hotel, it will lead the double life of being a run of the mill cruise ship, sailing to Holland, then England, before making it’s way to New York.

And of course, parties aboard the S.S. Booze are already planned. Three concerts are scheduled: Madden Bowl XX on January 30th, one sponsored by Pandora for January 31st and another sponsored by Pepsi for February 2nd.

So what do you think: going to try to win one of those tickets for the Super Bowl floating hotel?

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