Two Bodies Found In Two Suitcases In Rural Wisconsin Town

If you were to simply do an internet search about Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, you’d probably find numerous websites on how it is a wonderful tourist spot. With plenty of beautiful old-town restaurants and stores along with numerous golf courses, Lake Geneva seems like an escape, especially for business trips, honeymooners, anniversaries, and retirees. However, the little town’s reputation may now have a stain on its tranquil visage in the form of possibly the first homicide Lake Geneva has ever had.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a simple landscaping operation by local police led to the discovery of two bodies, stuffed in two suitcases. Members of the Geneva Police Department were cutting tall grass along the North Como Road in the quiet rural town when the two suitcases were discovered. Accustomed to finding debris in the brush, the officers simply place the luggage on the roadside. Everything changed when they opened the suitcases, in which they contained one body each.

Police chief of Lake Geneva, Steven Hurley, had this statement to say about Lake Geneva’s first homicide case:

“In the town of Geneva, in recent history, there haven’t been any homicides. I don’t know if there’s ever been a homicide. It’s “a very quiet community. We’ve got a pretty low crime rate here.”

On CBS News, locals of Lake Geneva were able to put in their opinions about their town’s first homicide case. Jessica Finster, 29, tends bar at the Como Inn about a mile where the suitcases were found. She said the discovery is frightening because she closes the bar three nights a week by herself. Jessica added more in the following statement:

“That’s what scares me. There are bodies in suitcases right down the street from where I work. It’s kind of creepy. It’s like ‘CSI.’ But that doesn’t happen around here. I’ve never heard of someone in a suitcase left on the side of the road except in a fictional story.”

There were other statements by other Lake Geneva residents, and all of them expressed both surprise and fear that their little community – a tourist community, actually – could be the center of such a brazen crime.

The Inquisitr even reported on events in which Lake Geneva was the setting for some happily ever afters. Just last March, we reported how Nicole Scherzinger will enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, which includes a mini-mansion in Lake Geneva, after marrying Lewis Hamilton. Let’s just hope this one incident won’t ruin the tourism industry Lake Geneva offers. It is apparent that is their lifeline.

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