‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Villain Theory: Who Is The Main Bad Guy?

The Batman: Arkham Knight villain has been shrouded in mystery, with various guesses across the board. It turns out that most of those guesses were wrong. The main villain in Rocksteady’s new game is not the Scarecrow, Two-Face, or any major villains from the past.

Gamers who have played Arkham City will know at least three major villains it can’t be.

After a lethal dose of the chemical that gave the Joker his monstrous appearance at the end of Arkham Asylum, the after effects ended up killing him, but that didn’t stop other villains like Bane from trying to stockpile Titan for their own personal gain.

With the previous destruction of Wayne Tower went two more of Batman’s main villains, Ra’s Al Ghul and Hugo Strange. Now Rocksteady has been working with DC Comics to create an original villain for Batman: Arkham Knight, and it’s the character the game is named after.

Rocksteady is keeping quiet on the actual identity of the Arkham Knight, but a few clues might have pointed to someone we’ve seen before.

You will recall in Arkham City that the serial killer who kept framing Bruce Wayne for his crimes ended up being his childhood friend Tommy Elliot, a master surgeon who altered his own face. We came to know him as Hush, and he surprisingly vanished after Batman let him go in Arkham City. Batman had told Oracle that he would go after him “tomorrow.”

Batman: Arkham Knight takes place a year after its storyline predecessor, but that doesn’t mean that any of the villains who survived the last game have been thoroughly dealt with.

There was also another mystery character we never learned much about in Arkham City, someone who kept meeting Batman on the rooftops and leaving a strange symbol behind. Batman ended up turning down his offer to join an elusive group, possibly an army on the rise.

While it isn’t unheard of in the comics for a character to change his or her name and costume (Batgirl became Oracle, and Robin once took on the role of Batman himself), we have seen a few Batman: Arkham Knight villains in the trailer already. Two-Face and Penguin have already been seen, and early screen shots show the Riddler still in his usual outfit. We haven’t seen any pictures of Scarecrow yet, but he’s been confirmed as a separate villain.

Hush was never taken care of from what we know, and he could very well have taken on a new identity in the year since Batman let him go. The theory here is that Hush may be the character renamed as the main Batman: Arkham Knight villain.

Do you have any theories about who the main villain might be?

[image via polygon]