‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Release Date Delayed, But We Have Details On The Batmobile

The Batman: Arkham Knight release date has been postponed to 2015, to make it possibly the most well-made game in the series. Could Rocksteady be using the extra time to make sure it literally can’t be done on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and ensure the bugs are gone?

Another game released recently faced the same issue, but it was more of a last minute delay. Watch Dogs had been slated to launch alongside the current gen consoles, but for the sake of giving it an extra layer of Ubisoft polish, it was delayed six months. The latest Batman isn’t even close to its original release date, but as previously reported by The Inquisitr, it has been in development for three years, or will be by the end of this year. Arkham Origins was made to tide us over while Rocksteady worked on the immediate follow-up to Arkham City.

The delay of the Batman: Arkham Knight release date could be a positive, because it means they want to be sure they’re giving us a true “next gen” experience. With a much more dynamic city and now the incorporation of the Batmobile, Rocksteady is preparing to give us the “explosive finale” we expect from the series. It will be hard to top Arkham City, but on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it will need to be noticeably the best yet.

One detail they are putting some serious work into is the Batmobile itself. Up until now it’s only been a part of the plot, but in the next game it’s going to be part of the Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay. It’s still unknown whether Batman will be able to simply call it from anywhere and leap inside like the last trailer indicated, but that would be a nice addition and an interesting way to possibly add the vehicle to combos.

With the Batman: Arkham Knight release date having been postponed, let’s break down what the Batmobile will be able to do.

There will be two modes for the iconic vehicle, possibly inspired by the Christopher Nolan films. The battle mode will give it an armored form with reduced speed, usable in tight turns and heavy combat. The pursuit mode will activate the afterburners, giving the vehicle a burst of speed useful for possibly making jumps into new areas or maintaining momentum in anti-gravity sewer races.

There will even be remote control options where you will be able to have the Batmobile sneak up behind and take out enemies who have you surrounded, using the vehicle’s guns. It also has a grappling hook which might be useful for otherwise impossible escapes like we’ve seen in Batman Forever‘s Two-Face chase.

With the new and improved Batmobile coming to the game, do you think it will be worth it when the Batman: Arkham Knight release date arrives in 2015?

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