Brazil World Cup Flag Slammed For Ku Klux Klan Associations

After four years in the making, the 2014 football World Cup is nearly upon us. But just as the curtain is ready to be lifted on perhaps the biggest sporting stage of them all, something sinister rears its ugly head. Unfortunately, this particular head appears to be wearing the hood of a Ku Klux Klan member.

What are we talking about? We’re talking about a wearable England flag for the 2014 World Cup that has a habit of making supporters look like fully signed up members of the Klan.

Sold by supermarket giant Asda for England football fans really willing to get into the swing of things come the 2014 World Cup, the World Cup flag has already been slammed by supporters who can’t help but notice the alarming similarities between the World Cup wearable flag and the sinister outfit long favored by the Ku Klux Klan.

The wearable World Cup flag, which can be purchased for the bargain price of three English pounds, is basically an all-white garment with the blood red cross of St. George emblazoned across it and the word ‘England’ writ large.

So far, so good. Where the designers of this World Cup flag appeared to introduce a whole lot of fail is in the bizarre addition of a pointed white hood.

You read it right. A pointed white hood! What were they thinking? For most people a pointed white hood points in one direction and one direction only. And at the end of that backwater dirt-track there lies America’s most notorious racist organization.

Asda has defended the wearable World Cup flag by commenting that the addition of a pointed white hood allows fans to stay dry in the unpredictable British weather.

Which would kind of make sense if umbrellas had never been invented and the 2014 Football World Cup wasn’t being held in one of the most sunniest countries on the planet.

England supporters have already taken to Twitter in their hordes to vent their spleen and address the Ku Klux Klan connotations of this World Cup wearable flag.

One commented: “ASDA, I can’t even pretend that your World Cup England flag ‘with hood’ doesn’t scream KKK.”

Another joker tweeted: “ENGLAND RULES OKKK.”

A spokesperson for Asda explained to the Daily Mail:

“We know there’s chatter on Twitter about our wearable World Cup flags, but it’s simply a World Cup flag with a hood – nothing more, nothing less. We opted for a hood on our wearable World Cup flags as we want customers to get behind the team without getting wet.”

Of course, if you’ve already purchased one of these World Cup flags and you’re hoping to get some wear out of it without looking like a Klan member, just cut off the hood, turn it into a poncho, and you’re good to go, South American style.

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