Idaho Dad Duane Higley Loses 140 Pounds While Son Was Away, Surprises Him At Airport!

When Ty Higley packed his bags and returned from Brazil to the United States after a two-year long mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he did not expect the pleasant surprise awaiting him at the airport. Ty, who hadn’t seen his dad, Duane Higley, for the entire period of time, looked flabbergasted when he saw his dad for the first time in two years! And why not?

Duane was simply not the man he was two years ago. The Idaho father, who was overweight and in poor health, stood before him after losing an astonishing 140 pounds! For two years, Duane had tried everything possible to keep his weight loss a secret from his son so that he could surprise the wits out of Ty when he returns. The moment was captured on camera as well.

While in Brazil, Ty did attempt a few Skype calls. During the calls, everything possible was done to ensure that Duane Higley’s weight loss was not revealed to Ty. Excessive care was taken to stay away from social networking websites as well.

Duane Higley later told KTVB;

“He (Ty) wrote us after Christmas, you know because we can Skype twice a year and at Christmas he said in his letter, ‘Man you guys must’ve been really cold because you were really bundled up,’ because I had a bunch of sweatshirts on and Will was sitting on my lap so he couldn’t tell.”

“And then Mother’s Day we told him I was at a meeting when really I was there, I just didn’t get in front of the camera because we didn’t want to spoil it two weeks before he got home.”

The Idaho father was greeted at Idaho’s Boise Airport by Ty with a tight hug and tears in his eyes. Later, Duane confessed that he had used Ty’s workout videos to try and get back in shape.

With both father and son in the pink of health, they duo are planning to run a marathon together, later this year!

[Image via KTVB Video]