Naaman Adcock, Arkansas Cop Who Put Gun To 5-Year-Old Boy’s Head, Quits Force

Naaman Adcock, a 40-year-old police officer in the small city of Fort Smith, Arkansas, became a former police officer Wednesday morning when he turned in his resignation after an incident in which he was accused of pointing a gun at the head of a five-year-old boy and threatening to blow the child’s “Jewish brains out.”

Sheriff’s deputies seized nine guns from Naaman Adcock, whom they observed to be drunk during the incident, in which he apparently fired a gun inside his own home. But the deputies said they would give the guns back when Adcock was no longer intoxicated.

Adcock also pointed a gun at Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Deputies when they arrived at his home early Tuesday morning in response to a neighbor’s call reporting a disturbance.

A deputy drew his own gun, aiming at Adcock and ordering him to drop the weapon, which he did, but not before taunting the deputy, saying, “What? Oh really, are you going to shoot me?”

When deputies then entered the home, they found bullet holes in the walls.

Another child in the home fled to a neighbor’s house, telling the neighbor that Adcock had threatened her five-year-old brother — the son of Adcock’s 31-year-old wife Tabitha — with a gun to his head.

According to the police report of the incident, once deputies got inside the home they questioned Tabitha Adcock about the allegation that her husband held a gun to her son’s head, and she replied, “Yeah, but it wasn’t loaded!”

Tabitha Adcock appeared distraught, police said. In fact, they stopped her while they were on their way to the Adcock residence as she was apparently fleeing in a blue SUV. When they asked her what had happened at the home, she said that her husband had been shooting at tires in the yard and that there were no problems.

The police report described her as wringing her hands and stuttering as deputies attempted to question her.

She later denied altogether that Naaman Adcock had threatened her five-year-old with a gun.

“No, it wasn’t loaded and he didn’t hold it to his head,” she said. “The only thing that was done wrong was leaning your hands outside of the window to shoot off a gun. We should have actually stepped outside. That’s it.”

She said that Naaman Adcock was indeed drinking, but he was upset over the couple’s recent loss of a baby.

Naaman Adcock was arrested and charged with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm while intoxicated and child endangerment. Tabitha Adcock was also arrested, charged with failure to protect a child, child endangerment, possessing a gun while intoxicated and reckless conduct with a firearm.