Joe Cornell, Struggling California Man Returns Bag Of Cash With $125,000 Inside!

A man from Fresno, California is in the news for doing the right thing. Joe Cornell, a volunteer from the Salvation Army recently found a bag when he was volunteering in downtown Fresno, reports KMPH. It was no ordinary bag – as it contained and astronomical $125,000 inside it. Instead of keeping the money for himself, Joe Cornell immediately turned the bag over to the police.

Joe Cornell told KMPH that he found the bag while he was watering some trees near a street. He noted that an armored car had stopped near him, followed shortly by another vehicle. The driver reportedly yelled “Hey you dropped something” to the person in the armored car.

Paying no heed, the Brink’s car kept driving. The other car moved on, too. It was then that Joe Cornell decided to investigate. After walking a little way up the street, he found an orange bag with money sticking out of it. He opened the bag and discovered it filled with cash. It also contained a few checks.

Sensing trouble, he took the bag with him to the local Salvation Army office and told his boss, “Hey, I found some money.” Initially his boss thought he was joking. Later Joe contacted the police who interviewed him about what had happened. The officer investigating the matter told Joe Cornell that he was a one in a million while, adding that not many people would have turned in a bag with such a large amount of money.

When asked, Cornell said he just did the right thing because he wants his grand kids to remember him for being a good man and they should be proud of him. He says he decided to do the right thing for his grand kids, and that he was in the process of rebuilding his life and wants everything to be okay. When Joe Cornell’s wife was told about the good deed he committed, she burst into tears saying that she was proud of him.

What makes Joe Cornell’s decision to turn the money in to the police even more remarkable is the fact that on the day this happened, Joe was struggling to have lunch as he had only $1 with him.

So far, there has been no reaction from the Brink’s company who dropped the money in the middle of the street. KMPH Fox 26 News contacted them for further information and also asked if Joe Cornell would get a reward for his commendable actions. They have yet to reply to any emails as of this writing.

[Image via KMPHK-KFRE]