China Meat Cleaver Attack: Crazed Man Slashes 8 Children In Playground Rampage

A crazed man armed with a meat cleaver went on a rampage on a Chinese school playground recently. The date is unclear, but security camera footage of the attack surfaced Tuesday, showing the berserk 35-year-old man identified as Chen Zuihang chasing children between six and eight years old with a large meat cleaver.

Attacks on children have become alarmingly frequent in China. Security footage that surfaced in late April from outside a shop in the city of Huainan showed a man flinging a toddler across a concrete alleyway after an argument with the shop’s owner.

In 2013, a man in Beijing was sentenced to death after killing a baby by slamming it to the pavement during a parking space dispute with the baby’s mother.

The most recent, horrifying meat cleaver rampage took place in Macheng a city of about 1.2 million in China’s northeastern Hubei province.

Fortunately, no children were killed in Chen’s rampage, but eight were treated in a nearby hospital for laceration wounds from the man’s meat cleaver.

“It seems he slashed at them rather than chopping hard, which would have killed most of them instantly,” said an unnamed police spokesperson. “The scenes of panic at the school were indescribable. These youngsters had no idea what was going on.”

Police arrested Chen at the scene of his mass meat cleaver slashing attack. But as to what motivated the man to go on this insane, bloodthirsty spree, the police still have no idea.

Disturbingly, the rampage was not the first meat cleaver attack against children in recent years, in the world’s most populous country. In 2010, a crazed man at a school in Hanzhong City killed seven children and two teachers with a meat cleaver.

At a school in Chengping two years later, a stabbing attack wounded 22 schoolchildren.

In March of this year, a man started off his rampage by stabbing two of his own family members, then slashed six schoolkids and five adults at a school in Shanghai.

Chen Zuihang will likely face the death penalty for his schoolyard meat cleaver attack.