Lil Wayne Gets Clocked With A Bottle At Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fight [Video]

If you decide to hit Lil Wayne with a water bottle, then you’d better get ready to throw down.

The rapper attended to the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight earlier this month, an event that found Weezy walking the boxer to the ring and performing his latest song “Believe Me.” Although a lot of the drama took place between Mayweather and Marcos Maidana during the fight, Lil Wayne almost came to blows with someone once the main event was over.

According to GlobalGrind, Lil Wayne was hanging around the MGM Grand in Las Vegas after the fight when the incident took place. Since the rapper was clocked in the head with a water bottle as Marcos Maidana and his camp were passing by, Wayne assumed that someone in the group was the culprit. That’s when the Weezy sprung into action.

Check out a recently-released clip of the Lil Wayne water bottle attack below. The rapper comes in contact with the plastic container at around the :08 mark.

Complex points out that this is likely the reason Lil Wayne decided to pick a fight with Maidana’s trainer Robert Garcia after the event. If you missed the video that made the rounds towards the beginning of May, then you can correct that problem by investigating the clip below. When combined with the footage you see above, then scenario starts to make a bit more sense.

Although this writer would never suggest that Lil Wayne couldn’t hold his own in a round of street-oriented fisticuffs, the rapper may have met his match against Garcia. Since the guy trainers professional boxers for a living, there’s a very good chance he might know a thing or two about properly beating someone to ground. Of course, this is just a simple observation from a guy on the outside looking in.

Weezy apparently feels Garcia was responsible for the water bottle attack, but no one really seems to know who’s responsible for the assault. However, the folks over at Bleacher Report put together an interesting albeit highly unlikely theory.

Check it out:

“Too many people were looking to stir trouble after Mayweather defeated Maidana, though one member of the defending champ’s entourage appeared to be conspicuously missing in this equation. My question is: Where was Justin Bieber during all of this?”

Who do you think is responsible for hitting Lil Wayne with a water bottle after the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight? Do you think the rapper could have held his own against trainer Robert Garcia?

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