Hero Cat Tara Represents Hero Pets Everywhere – First Pitch

For the first time in recorded history a cat will be throwing the first pitch at a home game in Central California. It’s not just any cat, of course. This is Tara, the hero cat who saved a little boy from a stray dog’s attack. Roger Triantafilo put together the video of his family cat rescuing his son – watch it HERE – which has made Tara famous. Millions have watched the video. It was made with the modest intent of showing friends and family. Tara is now an internet star and has been featured on news programs from local stations to USA Today.

How Tara will manage to throw the baseball hasn’t been disclosed. “It sounds crazy,” Dan Besbris said. “But we’ve got a trick up our sleeve.” He’s representing the Bakersfield Blaze minor league baseball team and said the pitch will be thrown by Tara on Friday. Bloggers and news agencies have had their curiosity peaked and will be waiting with the rest of us to see how the team intends to have a cat throw a pitch. Perhaps some YouTube special effects are at work? The video is 48 seconds and has paid the Triantafilo family back with that many seconds of fame and more. A round of applause does seem appropriate.

Jeremy, the four-year-old who was attacked by a Labrador-chow mix, had to have stitches after the attack. His family expressed that they were grateful that it wasn’t worse. From the video it’s clear that the dog was out for blood, even dragging Jeremy off his toy bike with jaw in a firm grip. Tara can be seen as a streak coming from the house and slamming into the dog. The family cat chased the threat away and then quickly returned to check on Jeremy. The dog is being held by the human society and expected to be euthanized.

Pets are often unsung heroes. They protect their owners from burglars and house fires. Of all the incredible stories, it’s rare to see footage capturing the actual events. Thanks to security footage around Jeremy’s home Tara is getting the attention millions of pets go without. Tara’s adoption happened when she followed Erika, Jeremy’s mom, home from the park one evening. She’s normally very relaxed cat and easygoing, but when it comes to guarding her family this cat is clearly all action. It will be a treat to see if Tara can bring that same action to the ball field.