Cairo Bank Robbery Ends In Two Deaths, Suspect Caught After High Speed Chase

The Cairo bank robbery in Illinois targeted the First National Bank in Cairo and left two people dead.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, several so-called ninjas have been going on crime spree in Florida. But that does not beat the 77-year-old man who allegedly robbed a bank while using a walker.

According to Illinois State Police, a man named James Nathaniel Watts entered the bank while wearing dark clothing and a hoodie. Late in the business on Thursday he came armed with a knife and a.380 caliber semi-automatic pistol. Using the gun, he carried out the Cairo bank robbery by catching three female employees unawares while they were busy closing the bank. Using threats, he forced them back into the building in an attempt to rob the bank.

Apparently, the Cairo bank robber did not go as he planned and he was not able to get at the bank’s money. Instead of just making a run for it, he stabbed all three women and robbed them of their purses. Using a stolen car key, he took off in one of the employee’s vehicles.

Police eventually spotted the 2014 Buick SUV and when they began to follow Watts took off at high speed, reaching speeds higher than 100 miles per hour. The high speed chase eventually ended at a railroad tresle where the man attempted to hide. But the cops eventually found him around 9 PM, and he still had one of the weapons on him.

Unfortunately, two of the victims of the Cairo bank robbery, 52-year-old Anita Grace and 52-year-old Nita Smith, died from their stab wounds at the scene of the crime. The third woman, whose name has not been released, is 23 years old and it’s said she remains in critical condition at the hospital.

James Watts has been charged with multiple felonies related to the Cairo bank robbery. As it turns out, he was recently released from prison less than a month ago for being convicted of committing forgery. He’s also a registered sex offender, and the victim was 11 years old while he was 22 at the time (Watt is currently 29 years old).

[Image via Cape Girardeau Police Department]

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