Texas Family Of Four Lives In A Tiny Home Measuring Just 260 Square Foot!

Tiny home in Austin, Texas

A family in Austin, Texas, have been living in a tiny home measuring just 260 square feet in area – for the past six years quite comfortably, reports KVUE News. The Spragues’ tiny home was featured by KVUE News following a report by the channel on Micro homes prompted the owners of the tiny house to contact them via Twitter.

Micro homes are houses that have less than 500 square foot of livable area. The Spragues seem to have taken micro housing concept a bit too seriously and cut that requirement to nearly half with their 260 square foot home.

The Sprague family includes Scott Sprague, his wife Carrie, and two boys who share a home that is slightly smaller than the combined area that would be taken up by two average sized parking lots – which on average measure 160 square foot. The tiny home was originally portioned off from a larger house owned by Scott’s dad. Surprising as it may seem, the Spragues seem to have enough space for everything in their tiny home.

Tiny Home in Austin, Texas

Intelligent utilization of space means that their living room, kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom are all blended into one space. Then there is a hallway that leads to the kids’ room. The kids, who are six and eight years old, each share a two story bunk bed. Everyone in the family shares a single closet that has been intelligently partitioned to keep Carrie’s stuff separate from that of the boys. The four of them also share a common bathroom. Carrie, who is a professional chef, has learned to adjust her cooking and food preparation skills within a confined area. The kitchen area boasts of bare essentials that a modern kitchen could possibly require. These include a hot plate, one sauce pan, one regular pan and a microwave and toaster oven to cook the family’s meals. Everything in the kitchen is organized and has its own space.

A tiny home in Austin, Texas houses a family of four

While the Sprague family does face occasional difficulties living in their tiny home, according to them there are lots of advantages of being huddled together in such a tight space. For once, they cannot afford to remain grumpy or angry with each other for extended periods of time because they keep on bumping into each other very frequently. The tiny home also helps them keep their cost of living down to acceptable levels in a rapidly expanding city. Their older eight year-old kid, however, does show up an occasional sign of discomfort when he tells his parents that he is “ready to move.”

Do you think the tiny home owned by the Sprague family is a little too tiny?

[Images via KVUE News]