English Bulldogs Chase Away Huge Bear In Viral Video [Watch]

Two English bulldogs chased off a black bear that had wandered out of the forest and entered their New Hampshire backyard to snack from a bird feeder.

The video of Lola and Comma, the two brave bulldogs, confronting the 600-pound bear has about two million views so far on YouTube. With one bulldog in front and one in back of him, the bear bailed. The bulldogs followed, ultimately chasing the bear up a tree.

Motion-activated cameras recorded the encounter in Bow (as in bow wow?) N.H. after which the family uploaded it to social media.

According to the description with the footage, “One might say this bear is the world’s the most, mild-mannered Black Bear ever confronted.”

The bulldogs’ owner, Kelly Hebert, said the incident was far out of character for her pooches: “These are dogs that walk to the mailbox and need a week’s nap.” The dogs apparent broke through a fenced-in porch to get to the bear. After this incident, Lola and Comma slept for three days, she added.

Brutus, the name the family has given to the bear in question, has paid their home a visit before over the years during the springtime.

This particular meet and greet, however, was stressful while it happened, but Hebert noted that it resulted in a happy ending. “I want people to understand that my blessing is that the bear exercised some compassion and walked away.”

The backyard bird feeder is no more, however. “The Hebert’s have now taken their hanging bird feeder down so they don’t have to worry about any kind of rematch and they say they’ve learned their lesson. While they’re happy people are getting a good chuckle out of watching the video, and that their son Harrison had something to talk about in school, they don’t support anyone trying to intentionally lure a bear into any sort of confrontational situation.

Watch the viral video of the feisty bulldogs chasing away a bear from their property: