This coffee tastes like puke – oh wait, it is

Steven Hodson - Author

Nov. 12 2016, Updated 6:06 a.m. ET

I realize that coffee drinkers are a pretty hardy bunch and we’re pretty well willing to try anything that has the word coffee attached to it but I think this might be a tad much.

Apparently there is a little animal in Vietnam which has some pretty magical properties – or so the hype goes. In Vietnam the animal is called a weasel even though it is more related to an civet and it seems that this little critter has a penchant for coffee beans. The problem is that the beans don’t sit to well in its tummy and as a result they puke them up.

Not so bad so far right?

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After all this is just a natural animal reaction. Where it starts getting a little stupid though is that the local folks gather up these puked up coffee beans and lightly roast them after which they are ground up and made into a coffee for you to drink. It seems – or at least this is the spin, that the stomach acid from the weasel wears away the bitter taste of the coffee beans.

It is said that resulting coffee is delicious, smooth and has a rich chocolaty flavour. In other words Weasel Puke Coffee is being sold as a gourmet brand coffee for those of you with discerning tastes when it comes to coffee. so if you think you are up to the stomach to give this a try head over to Think Geek where you can order your very own package of Weasel Puke Coffee.

Don’t mind me but I think I’ll pass on this one.

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