Ali bin Likra al-Kazimy Death: Al-Qaeda Confirms Leader’s Death

Ali bin Likra al-Kazimy’s death has been confirmed by al-Qaeda. According to The Canada Journal, the al-Qaeda commander was killed in Yemen. He died from wounds that he suffered in an attack of the Yemeni army and U.S. drones. The attack occurred in the town of Mahfad where al-Qaeda is believed to have a camp.

The attack was part of a new campaign led by the Yemen military and the U.S. The campaign is dedicated to driving al-Qaeda out of the southern provinces of Abyan and Shabwa according to the report. It has not been an easy road and several of the “good guys” have been killed in the line of duty since the campaign’s launch.

Ali bin Likra al-Kazimy’s death is very important as Washington considers the Yemen al-Qaeda branch one of the most active in the world, this according to ABC News. For this reason, the military has been given a great deal of help in dealing with this region.

“[Washington] has assisted the government with logistics, training, and drone attacks. The militants have fought back, targeting government buildings and security forces.”

Violence in the area has really peaked and people have been told to stay indoors. Several people have actually fled the region, fearing it was no longer safe — and that may have been a smart move. Suicide bombers have been a problem and have moved into the area. On Sunday, one suicide bomber attacked military intelligence post in Mukalla killing two guards. It’s unclear if any civilians were injured in that attack.

Ali bin Likra al-Kazimy’s death might be a small victory for troops trying to combat terrorist groups overseas but every victory seems to come with a price. As previously reported by,drone attacks in Yemen have been fairly successful in wiping out suspected terrorists but said drones have also been responsible for killing innocent civilians. This sort of win/lose scenario has been the name of the game in Yemen for a while. Obviously predicting a drone strike is just about impossible if you’re a civilian living in an area where there “might be” terrorists, so the best option for many is to move — to prevent being killed.

Ali bin Likra al-Kazimy’s death was confirmed on Twitter. The confirmation came from an al-Qaeda-owned account about a week after the actual attack. The tweet revealed that al-Kazimy died on Saturday, about one week after the attack.

[Photo courtesy of Reuters via The Daily News]