Captain America Actor At Theme Park Charged With Sending Nude Selfies To Underage Girl

By day, he was Captain America. In full costume as the patriotic superhero, theme park actor Joseph Alton posed for photos with dozens of tourists at Universal Orlando theme park in Florida. But this Captain America is in trouble for showing a little too much of himself without the red, white and blue costume — to a 16-year-old girl.

Joseph Alton was arrested on Thursday and charged with transmitting harmful materials to a minor by using a computer. That’s a felony.

The allegedly harmful material included about a dozen naked pictures of this Captain America, showing what’s behind his mighty shield, so to speak.

Alton met the teen girl at Universal Orlando in April when he posed for a picture with her. But when the girl posted the shot on her Facebook page, Alton saw it and made a comment. The comment led to an online correspondence between the 16-year-old girl and the 29-year-old Captain America.

When cops interviewed the teen girl, she told them she and Alton began exchanging text messages “as friends” but that the content of the messages soon took on a sexual flavor.

The Captain America actor admitted that he knew the girl was just 16 when he started sending her pictures of his exposed genitalia. But “he thought it was a joke or that it was all just merely online flirtatious relationship,” a police affidavit filed in conjunction with the arrest says.

The Captain America actor and the teen girl had set a “possible” date to meet in person on Friday, but the girl’s father saw the sexually explicit messages on her daughter’s cell phone and Alton was arrested.

He told police that he exercised “poor judgment” when he sent nude pictures of himself to a 16-yearold and “did not know what he was expecting to receive” in exchange for the explicit text messages and naked selfies.

In the meantime, Universal Orlando is in the market for a new Captain America. A spokesman for the park said that Alton had been fired.