April 28, 2014
Salt Lake City Thief Uses Stolen Car To Transport Stolen Bike. Gets Busted

A 20-year-old Salt Lake City man was arrested after he was found to be a serial robber. It all started when the owner of a stolen bike came across an advertisement in the classifieds section of KSL.com and saw that a bike listed on it had striking resemblance to the one that went missing from him. He contacted the person selling the bike, and worked up a deal to have it delivered to him. Meanwhile, the original owner of the bike also called up the Salt Lake City Police Department who agreed to be present for the meeting which happened at 7-Eleven, 776 S. 1300 East. Eventually, the thief who was later identified as one Austin Mills, arrived with the bike which was confirmed to be the one stolen.

Then, the police found out something more…

According to KSTU Fox 13 News, after the police arrested the man for stealing the bike, it was discovered that the car in which he had come to deliver the bike was itself stolen! Detectives, upon further investigation found that the man was in possession of five more stolen vehicles! Meanwhile, the Salt Lake City Police Department have issued a statement to the media detailing the incident which reads thus: "Auto theft detectives responded and through their investigation located five other stolen vehicles that Mills admitted to stealing."

According to Salt Lake Police Sgt. Robin Heiden, the man has been arrested for investigation of possession of stolen property, theft and failing to stop at the command of a law enforcer.

Reports of dumb criminals ending up get busted due to silly mistakes are not uncommon. In the past, you have read about similar stories on The Inquisitr. In fact, just two weeks ago, we had reported about this California couple who actually went for a court hearing in a, you guessed it right! Stolen car!

Who do you think was dumber? The California couple or the 20-year-old Salt Lake City man?

[Image via SeniorAruth]