Baby Monitor Hacked By Creep So He Could Watch 10-Month-Old Child Sleep

Beware! Hackers and possibly even predators are now hijacking baby monitors.

A baby monitor installed by Ohio parents Heather and Adam Schreck was reportedly hacked by a complete stranger, who reportedly watched the couple’s 10-month-old child without their knowledge as she played and slept in her crib.

According to Fox 19, mother Heather Schreck was asleep around midnight when she heard a man’s voice come from her baby’s nursery. Half asleep, Schreck used her smartphone to check on Emma’s baby monitor.

There in the room was Emma, sleeping in her crib as usual. What was very unusual was that the baby monitor was moving without Heather controlling it. What disturbed her even more was the sudden, unsettling voice of a stranger instructing her child to wake up.

Alarmed, Heather and husband Adam rushed to Emma’s aid, where they discovered that someone had been hijacking the baby monitor. There, they heard the faceless hacker viciously scream “Wake up baby”, as their child crawled away from the baby monitor, terrified. The camera then darted from baby Emma to Adam, who was caught shocked by the creep’s successful attempt to watch their 10-month-old daughter via the baby monitor.


The hacker then allegedly screamed obscenities towards Adam, who quickly rescued his baby from the nursery. Frightened, the father pulled the plug from the camera immediately after the horrifying incident.

Experts suggest that the hacker may have abused a security hole in the family’s network, allowing him to use the monitor without the parent’s consent. Tech consultant Dave Hatter said that any device similar to a baby monitor that is connected to the internet is vulnerable to these types of activities, and simple mischief may just be the beginning of a long string of attacks from unscrupulous hackers:

“It’s not just that they want to get in and mess with your camera. More sophisticated hackers know they can use this as a launching off point to get into your network and potentially steal your ID or use your network to launch malicious attacks against someone else”

He advises parents to avoid these breaches by changing their WiFi and camera password. He added that the passwords of these two must be significantly different from each other and that updates from the device manufacturers must be regularly downloaded to ensure maximum security.

This is not the first instance of baby monitor hacking in the news. Last year, Inquisitr reported about a similar case in Texas, where a stranger was able to hack into a 2-year-old’s baby monitor, allowing him to scream profanities towards the child and the child’s parents.

[Image from Fox 19]