Pizza Hut Restaurant Denies Service To Soldier

Many American restaurants choose to give their thanks to soldiers by offering military discounts and other perks. However, one Marine Corps soldier says he went into a Pizza Hut location and was not served because he was wearing patches that were deemed offensive by a restaurant manager.

The name of the individual who was allegedly discriminated against has not been published. However, the Pizza Hut story came to light when the user, known online as Rick Libertas Semper, described the incident on his Facebook account.

The person talks about how he decided to go enjoy the Pizza Hut lunch buffet after work one day, and walked into the restaurant while wearing an embroidered black leather jacket that included four patches.

Unfortunately, after he arrived, the customer was approached by a member of management who informed him how attire that features “gang colors” is not permitted in the Pizza Hut.

Although the military member was taken aback, he tried to explain the significance of his patches that apparently gave Pizza Hut cause for alarm. Three are related to the individual’s service in the Marine Corps, and the other is an American flag. He asserted how he has “earned the right to wear them”, but the restaurant worker was not satisfied.

Even after learning more about what the patches represented, the Pizza Hut manager responded that because he “can’t be expected to know” the difference between certain types of decorations that may be used to personalize clothing, they are just not allowed at all.

When responding to his initial post about the incident at Pizza Hut, the military service member discussed his belief that the whole thing came about because of a “young manager trying to look like he was in control.”

Reportedly, the Marine has since spoken to the franchise owner the Pizza Hut, but has yet to communicate again with the person who initially confronted him.

Although it’s understandable how the person in charge may have been trying to enforce a rule, it’s also very unfortunate that the worker refused to make a compromise, especially after learning the meaning behind the clothing decorations. After that point, it should become very clear that the additions didn’t have anything to do with gang symbols.

The Facebook post that announced this Pizza Hut incident has now gone viral. Since multiple news networks have gotten clued in about the issue, it appears the pizza chain may be facing a public relations challenge. At the very least, perhaps this turn of events may encourage company executives to revisit the policy about the apparel that’s permitted to be worn on the premises.