Squirrel Causes $300K Damage, Gets Fried To Death

A squirrel which caused roughly $300,000 worth of damage to the new McMillen Community Center died after it was electrocuted.

Board members were told by Parks Department officials that on Thursday April 1 a squirrel found its way into the electrical system of the newly renovated McMillen Park complex causing a huge power surge which ruined three brand new HVAC systems, and also damaged some parts of the boiler system.

Al Moll, from the Parks Department, told reporters that even though the bulk of the costly damage was covered by insurance, there was still a $50,000 deductible excess.

Another official from the Parks Department, Steve McDaniel, said that the company which built the complex HVAC system are working around the clock to replace it so that the center can open on time, namely June 7.

Following the closure of the McMillen Ice Arena in 2009, a $1.9 million project has been underway transforming it into a massive community center slated to host basketball, an indoor track, and other activities for people of all ages.

The massive areas which once held the sheets of ice will become multipurpose rooms housing basketball courts and artificial turf for indoor soccer. The Parks Board also unanimously approved an alcohol policy for the center, Alcohol will only be available during private functions not open the public that are operated by a caterer with an off-premise liquor license.

Even though the $300k worth of damage caused by the squirrel at McMillan Park is extensive, The problem is more of a time issue as the building managers don’t want to go over budget, and are keen to open before the summer.