Recently Engaged Couple Among Those Killed In The California Bus Crash

A couple recently engaged in Paris, France around Christmas were among those who died in the horrific bus crash that claimed the lives of 10 people and seriously injured dozens more on a highway 100 miles north of Sacramento Thursday night.

Michael Myvett, a man who worked with autistic children, and his fiancé, Mattison Haywood, an admissions counselor dedicated to helping low-income students get into college, were among the confirmed dead identified after a bus carrying California high school seniors was struck by a FedEx tractor trailer.

The story of Michael and Mattison is quite captivating. According to CNN, Michael proposed to Mattison outside the Louvre in Paris in December last year. Michael convinced his fiancé to wear his favorite pair of blue high heels because he wanted to preserve the shoes forever in images from their engagement.

In a Facebook post he wrote to his friends and family, “She had no idea that I was going to ask her.” He also posted, “She was mad at me cause I wanted her to wear those shoes and her feet were hurting. I remember her saying, ‘omg are you serious’?”

After moments of reluctance, Mattison slipped on Michael’s favorite pair of blue heels-the heels that were caught in a photo when he went down on one knee with his arm extended proposing.

michael and mattison

The couple never made it to their wedding day.

According to Michael’s family members, he was a father figure to both of his brothers, was the first in his family to graduate from college and wanted to be a psychologist to make an impact on the lives of others. “He is so responsible,” said his cousin Trinice Sampson.

Michael turned 29 last month.

During the day of the crash, the couple was traveling as chaperons with a group of prospective students to Michael’s alma mater, Humboldt State.

Michael and Mattison, along with one other chaperon, five high school students and the drivers of both vehicles were killed in the fire accident.

According to the CNN affiliate KOVR, the Fed Ex Truck was already in flames when it crossed the median, clipped a car, and crashed into the bus filled with mostly high school students. The couple of the first car struck survived the accident.

The students aboard the bus were traveling from the Los Angeles area to Humboldt State University. The students represented 31 Southern California high schools participating in “Spring Preview Plus,” which offered under-represented students a glimpse of college life.

Humboldt State created a special fund, “HSU Spring Preview Bus Accident Support” for the victims and their families.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]