Squirrel’s $300K Damage Spree Ends In Fiery Death On April 1, No Joke

A squirrel’s $300k in damage to a community center managed to make headlines, but unfortunately the furry woodland creature met a rather bad end. But while it may seem a cruel joke of fate, the date when this accident occurred also happened to fall on April Fools’ Day.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when a cop and squirrel got into a fight, the officer ended up macing and shooting the poor creature. Unfortunately for the cop, this was all caught on video.

A $1.9 million project at the renovated complex in McMillen Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana is transforming the a ice rink into a community center with basketball and soccer courts, an indoor track and other rooms intended for youth and seniors alike. The park renovation crew hit a speed bump recently when a squirrel got into some mischief. The furry little creature managed to work its way into the electrical system, which caused a bad power surge that killed the three newly installed air conditioning systems as well as damaging parts of the boiler system. Worse, the squirrel’s $300k damage spree ended in its own tragic death.

Fortunately, the McMillen Park’s Director Al Moll says the squirrel’s $300k in damage will be covered by insurance companies, minus a deductible of $50,000. The department’s Steve McDaniel says the new air conditioning units (HVAC systems) will have a rush order from the installation company in order for the Park to meet its deadline of opening to the public by June 7, 2014.