Joe Biden Makes ‘Sleeping With College Professor’ Quip As VP Ramps Up Campaign Presence

Joe Biden is back — both with his trademark eye-opening one-liners, and with his campaign-focused Twitter account. The Vice President drew a big laugh with a mildly off-color quip in front of a group of community college educators Monday, something about sleeping with a college professor, normally not a laughing matter for most college administrators.

Except when the professor is your wife.

The joke was teed up, perhaps unwittingly, by Jill Biden, who introduced her husband the U.S. vice president and, before his elevation to the country’s second-highest executive office, longtime senator from Delaware. Joe Biden was delivering an address to the American Association of Community Colleges.

Jill Biden, who is herself a community college professor, introduced Joe Biden by telling the conventioneers that he “knows the value of a community college education–and not just because he’s married to a community college teacher.”

From there, Joe Biden, who knows a good set up when he sees one, took the cue.

“Jill is probably right,” said Biden. “I think I’d have the same attitude, did I not sleep with a community college professor every night.”

The line drew an collective guffaw from the crowd — and a quick clarification from Joe Biden.

“Oh, the same one, the same one,” he hastily interjected. “The same one.”

But Biden’s speech had a serious purpose as well. He was there to announce a new program called the Registered Apprenticeship College Consortium, a cooperative job-training effort among community colleges, businesses and labor organizations.

The purpose is to promote job-skills education by allowing job trainees to receive community college credit as they train for employment. The program is exactly the type of effort House Republican Speaker John Boehner has said he wants to see before he allows a vote in an unemployment extension. But the community college program is one if many currently promoted by President Barack Obama, as well as by Joe Biden.

Also on Monday, Joe Biden announced that he was “dusting off” his @JoeBiden Twitter account, which is used for campaign purposes. The account had been dormant since January 24 of last year, a few days after the inaugurations of Obama and Biden to their second terms as president and vice-president (respectively).

The Joe Biden campaign Twitter account has 550,000 followers, lagging far behind the president’s @BarackObama account with its 42 million followers — but more that the two major political parties’ accounts, @GOP and @TheDemocrats, put together.