Talented Dad Makes Son’s Superhero Dreams Come True [VIDEO]

A talented father recently made his son’s superhero dreams come true, thanks to his animating skills. Daniel Hashimoto, an animator for Dreamworks, made his son’s ordinary playtime into extraordinary scenes as if they are right out of a superhero movie.

Hashimoto, who goes by “Hashi”, works as a visual development artist at Dreamworks, but he really loves to create visual effects, as reported by Yahoo Shine. These animation talents were utilized for his 3-year-old son, James during his playtime. He even explains what playing with his son is like:

“I’ve been playing with my son James, and he has a really great imagination. He’ll always wake up and tell me the character he is that day.”

“One morning he was being Iron Man and he was blasting everything in the kitchen, and so I decided to film it and composite a laser in there.”

The video with superhero animation was posted up on Hashimoto’s Facebook page. The positive response, for friends and family, was overwhelming. As a result, Hashimoto decided to continue making videos of his “superhero son” with superhero animation added, and post them on Youtube as the channel, The Action Movie Kid. At first, James thought the superhero animation was real, in which Hashimoto explains:

“The first couple of times [James] saw the finished video, he didn’t know an effect was being applied, and he asks me, ‘Why did I do that?'”

As of now, James knows his dad is helping by adding the superhero animation to his playtime.

Hashimoto says the superhero animation videos are fun to make. They are also a creative outlet for both him and his son. His wife, Mandy – whom he met at Dreamworks – thinks their son with superhero animation is great. Hashimoto even said, “We encourage imagination and creativity in all we do.”

The Action Movie Kid, though just a personal project, can now be a part of other great superheroes, especially those in Marvel. Who knows. When James grows up, he might trade in superhero animation from his dad for superhero animation on the silver screen, which is something Chris Evans is used to now thanks to Captain America: Winter Soldier, which has been set to smash box office records, as reported here on The Inquisitr.

Also, the Action Movie Kid may be getting a sidekick! Hashimoto and his wife, Mandy are expecting their second child. Maybe they can recreate the dynamic between Thor and Loki…well actually that may not be a good idea after all, even with superhero animation.