‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ Set To Smash Spring Box Office Records

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is set to smash some pretty impressive opening weekend numbers. Blockbuster movies don’t normally debut at the beginning of April, and it appears Chris Evans and crew are taking advantage of that to draw in some very big crowds.

There not being a whole lot for Captain America fans to see instead of Winter Soldier certainly helps the draw. Captain America getting decent reviews is helping as well.

Whatever the reason behind the Avengers movie spinoff, Business Insider reports Captain America is set for the biggest April opening weekend in movie industry history. The movie, starring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Anthony Mackie is also looking at the largest opening of 2014 so far.

Marvel has been enjoying some real success at the box office these days and that has never been demonstrated as completely as an early spring opening for Captain America. Deadline reports the movie is now projected to make between $90 and$93 million over the period.

When it comes to the Marvel comics adaptations, Captain America currently ranks 7th, just ahead of Thor: Dark World‘s opening last year. The film ranks just behind X-Men: The Last Stand which saw a little over $100 million several years ago.

Captain America might just barely be in the top 10 at the moment, but it needs to be pointed out most of the other films in Marvel’s stable were released during prime blockbuster season.

The Winter Soldier has managed to soar to the top of the list while kids are still in school and long before anyone is planning for their summer vacations.

Captain America‘s sequel is in the enviable position of being right in the sweet spot of popularity of these types of popcorn flicks. Not only did the original Captain America film do well but Avengers has laid quite a bit of groundwork as well. There is also added excitement over next summer’s Avengers: Age of Ultron getting comic book fans worked into a froth.

Top notch actors for the movie series, along with great directors and producers has made these films more than just something where people blow up as much as they possibly can. Success of films like the Iron Man series have added to the mystique of the latest entry.

The real question is just how long the success can last. With an opening of more than $90 million, just how high can Captain America: The Winter Soldier climb?

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