Jeffrey Dahmer Childhood Home, Site Of First Murder, On Sale For $295K

Jeffrey Dahmer Childhood Home, Site Of First Murder, On Sale For $295K

Jeffrey Dahmer killed his first victim inside his family’s home shortly after his 18th birthday, bludgeoning a hitchhiker he had picked up after a concert.

Now that home is for sale, and anyone with $295,000 and a morbid curiosity can land the 2,000-square-foot house at 4480 W. Bath Road in Bath Township.

Rich Lubinski, a real estate agent for Stouffer Realty, said most of the people interested in the Jeffrey Dahmer home so far are just looking for a place to live, not a piece of history to own.

“About 50 percent of the people I talk to about the home are immediately disinterested because of the history, but half the people don’t care. The house didn’t kill anybody. There’s nothing going on here. It’s not haunted. It’s just a house,” Lubinski said.

The home was the site where police discovered the beginning of Dahmer’s serial killings. Looking into the then 13-year-old disappearance of Steven Hicks, a hitchhiker who went missing after a concert, they discovered that Dahmer had scattered the young man’s remains on the property.

Police learned that Jeffrey Dahmer hit Hicks over the head with a barbell and afterward dismembered the body.

“His reason was that he didn’t want the guy to leave,” said police captain Greg Lang. “he guy wanted to move on. He [Dahmer] didn’t want him to move on and ended up killing him.”

The house’s dark history is glossed over in real estate listings, which instead note its new kitchen and “fabulous views” from the back window. Buyers may be getting a bit of a deal, as the listing was recently reduced to $295,000 from $329,000.

This is not the first time the Jeffrey Dahmer house has been for sale. It has changed hands at least five times since 1982. It was last sold to a musician in 2005.