2 Chainz Readies For Court Battle Over 'THOT' Video


2 Chainz may be the latest casualty in Modern America's blasted landscape of stupid lawsuits.

The rap star released a video last week on his vlog, titled #isthisyothot, which quickly went viral once it hit YouTube. In the video, 2 Chainz approaches a girl who has snuck her way into one of the most decidedly sedate backstage areas ever put on film and asks her how she managed to get past security.

The girl, named Tina, initially states that she's there to see Cap 1. Then, Tina fails to recognize Cap once she's face to face with him.

2 Chainz, grinning, begins to needle his associate, asking him several times "Is this your thot?"

When Cap 1 shakes his head, 2 Chainz turns his attention back to the would be interloper. "You ain't gonna catch nothing out here but a cold, baby." He advises Tina. "Put something on your back."

Nobody seems to know who Tina is, and she's quickly escorted out of the backstage area, amidst a few gentle jeers and catcalls by 2 Chainz and his entourage. The video is pretty tame stuff overall, but if you're interested in seeing it before it gets taken down, here's a link.

For the record, "thot" is an acronym for "that ho over there".

In most cases, the story would have ended with Tina being shown to the door, but between the video going viral and that old chestnut about "no fury like a woman scorned", there may be some legal backlash in store for 2 Chainz. Tina has recently taken down her old Instagram account, and set up a new one, rising like a litigious Phoenix from the ashes of her old social media accounts and threatening to sue the living daylights out of the Duffle Bag Boy.

"What you did to me was not right, you lanky lizard @hairweavekiller" read one post on Tina's brand new Instagram page, along with an ominous warning: "Wait until my lawyer takes care of this."

Before long, Tina's page became almost as well trafficked as the 2 Chainz video she says was the cause of all of her woes in the first place, and there were even some whispers of her being featured in a photoshoot in a future issue of Vibe.

That was, until Vibe came forward and said that was not the case, at all.

At the center of Tina's complaint is the issue of whether or not her being made to look bad is the sort of thing that will land a plaintiff a big cash settlement in a civil suit.

Tina claims she was made to look like a groupie, while attempting to crash a backstage party. It's the sort of thing that seems obvious, but that doesn't mean she won't find a lawyer who will take the case, regardless of its merit. Whether or not Tina is going to follow through with her threat to take 2 Chainz to civil court over this whole brouhaha remains to be seen.